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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Hour with Allure {Travel Easy-Minded!}

Traveling to a destination to get married seems like a dream for most. However...when there are dreams, unfortunately there can be nightmares as well. While I am hoping that nothing ever goes wrong with any of your trips that you plan on taking, I do have to warn you. If you are traveling out of the United States I HIGHLY recommend that you and whoever is traveling with you get Traveler's Insurance.

My next door neighbor is a traveling nurse. He tells me of horror stories all the time where someone traveled out of the country, got sick, hurt, whatever it may be and had to pay a FORTUNE to come back home. It is what he does for a living...goes and gets people from other coutnries and is the in-flight nurse. He has been all over the world doing this. He knows what he is talking about.

In some cases you may not want just any old doctor working on you. You may need your doctor with your medical history or just the care that you know that you will get here in America verses another coutnry. If you purchase traveler's insurance before you go on your trip then you can be rest assured that whatever might happen while you are away, you will be taken care of...and not have to get slapped with a $250,000.00 bill! Trust me, it happens every day. People leave the country, have a medical emergency, have to get a flight with a medical staff to come back to America and then Wham! the bill comes.

Getting married in a foreign place is very exciting...just make sure that you are prepared and everything will turn out great!

You can find traveler's insurance at,, Thanks to for the plane picture...very pretty!

Happy Planning!

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