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Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Hour with Allure {Beat the Heat!}

Don't be caught taking your cloths off! Beat the Heat in other ways...

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A lot of destination weddings take place in a location that is known for it's warm weather. It sounds so perfect, a beautiful summer day with a glorious view and two people expressing their love through their vowels.....until one of the groomsmen passes out due to overheating. Yes, it has happened, and yes it will happen again. Just make sure that it doesn't happen to you! Remember that your bridesmaids and groomsmen aren't just decoration at your wedding, they are supposed to be your closest friends. Don't let them be miserable! Here are a few things that you can do to protect them and yourself from that oh-so-hot sun.

1. As hard as it will be for some....DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE THE CEREMONY!!! I cannot express this enough...especially for those weddings that are outside, in a hot location, in the middle of the day. This is a perfect way to dehydrate your body. Drink LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water. If you are wanting some flavor, drink Gatorade instead of soda.

2. Choose attire that your bridal party can be comfortable in. Even though you may be traditional and like the look of tuxes on your groomsmen, they are not a good idea for an outdoor destination wedding that takes place in a warm weather location. Choose something that will be light and airy and will give their body room to breathe. They will love you so much more if you let them wear linen pants and sandals rather than a full on tux.

3. Make the ceremony short. This will not only help your bridal party, but your guests as well. Everyone spends a lot of time getting ready for your wedding, they don't want to have to sweat through an hour long service and have to try to re-do their makeup before the reception.

4. Consider printing your wedding programs on hand-held fans. Your guests will use them...I guarantee it.

5. Create a shady location for those who can't bare the sun. You can do this with some fabric and bamboo poles. It doesn't have to be too big, just enough space for those who can't take the sun (ex. grandparents, small children, etc.)

6. Monogrammed handkerchiefs might just be about the best groomsmen gift that you can give your guys for a hot destination wedding. They can slip it into their pocket and during prayers or other times the crowd isn't looking, they can wipe off and look refreshed for pictures.

7. A gift for the girls....sweat proof makeup. Perfect for your girls to look flawless and sweat proof! A couple of suggestions are Stila Sheer Color and Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint.

8. For your guests, have a nicely stacked pile of chilled washcloths, rolled up and tied with ribbon. They can use it to cool their faces and neck. This will send a statement that you are trying to pamper your guests who have traveled so far for your wedding!

Hope this helps both you, your bridal party and your guests enjoy your wedding even more! They will appreciate your efforts and will be happy that they attended!

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PicturesByTracy said...

Great post Natasha!!!! Made me laugh out loud:)I have personally witnessed something very similar to the image you ~Tracy

Allure Event Consulting said...

haha! I hate that you have had to deal with it...but like I posted in the happens!